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Sidney Gulka

Tattoo artist & owner of Bloom Tattoo Co. Sidney specializes in a "blackwork" style of tattooing. She loves high contrast, high detailed pieces. Although she is mostly known for her fine line floral tattoos, she is looking to take her work in a new direction. One that is slightly darker and more bold. Once her books open again, she'll be looking to take on projects that challenge her artistry from this new angle.

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Brandi, lovingly referred to as B, is a resident artist at Bloom. She started tattooing in 2019, and has been booking up fast ever since! B specializes in blackwork, but enjoys tattooing in more of a bold, high contrast style.

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Please welcome our newest artist, Shaun! Shaun started at Bloom as a Junior Artist near the end of 2023. Although he has only been tattooing a short while, he has a found a love for both neo-trad and pop culture style tattoos. Shaun would love to focus on these two styles, but is also open to hearing any and all ideas while he builds his clientele here at Bloom. Please note that Shaun tattoos in both color and black and grey.

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