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Sidney Gulka

Tattoo artist & owner of Bloom Tattoo Co. Sidney specializes in a "blackwork" style of tattooing. She loves high contrast, high detailed pieces. Although she is mostly known for her fine line floral tattoos, she is looking to take her work in a new direction. One that is slightly darker and more bold. Once her books are open again, she will be looking to take on projects that suit said style. 

Sidneys books are currently closed. For more info, please see the "contact" page. 



Staci is one of our resident artists at Bloom. Staci started tattooing back in 2020, and is quickly gaining an awesome clinetelle! Staci specializes in fine line blackwork. She enjoys tattooing floral and animal pieces the most.

If you want to book with Staci, please see the "contact" page for more info.



Brandi is another resident artist at Bloom. She started tattooing in 2019, and has been booking up quick ever since! Brandi also specializes in blackwork, but enjoys tattooing in more of a bold, high contrast style.

If you want to book with Brandi, please see the "contact" page for more info.

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