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SIDNEY: Sidney's bookings are currently closed until the end of 2024. After she is through her waitlist, she will be switching things up and booking every 4 or so months. She may have last minute openings due to cancellations, and/or flash days, so keep an eye out on her Instagram (@sidneygulka) for announcements. Her current rate is $250/hour.

BRANDI: Brandi's bookings are currently closed until October. She may have last minute openings due to cancellations, and/or flash days, so keep an eye out on her Instagram (@bg.tattoos) for announcements. Her current rate is $200/hour.

SHAUN: Shaun's bookings are currently OPEN. He has a ton of flash available and is also open for custom pieces. To see Shaun's available flash, please see his Instagram (@shaun.tattoos) story highlights. His current rate is $160/hour. 


Due to an increase in art theft, we will NOT send any designs/artwork over email before your appointment. To ensure you are 100% happy with your design before getting it tattooed, any minor changes can be made the day of your appointment, after you see the design in person.

If a full redraw is needed due to personal issues with the artwork, another drawing fee will be required as more time will be needed to draw a new design. This protects both the time and integrity of the artist.

This is why it's important to be specific with what you are wanting during the consult/application process, and why it's important to chose an artist whose work you love. You are choosing to book an appointment with this artist with full trust that a design will be created based on the style and detail of that specific artist.


What is a drawing fee? A drawing fee is a requested fee at the time of booking an appointment that covers the time your artist spends on drawing your tattoo. This fee is requested to ensure your artist is being compensated for their time incase you decide to cancel last minute, no show, or other. Please continue reading for more information. (as stated below, this fee will be taken off the end price of your tattoo)

When booking a tattoo appointment, your artist will require a drawing fee (ranging from $100-$200 depending on the artist). This fee secures your appointment. The time and date of your tattoo appointment is NOT guaranteed until this fee is received, even if arrangements have already been made via email. This fee solidifies the date and time of your appointment. 

The drawing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. Paying this fee shows you are serious about booking your tattoo. A minimum of 3 business days must be given to reschedule your appointment. A failure to notify your artist within 3 business days, will result in the full loss of your drawing fee. Another drawing fee will be necessary to book a new tattoo appointment date unless otherwise discussed. 

Drawing fees can be made via e-transfer to the correct address which will be provided at the time of booking. 

Your drawing fee will come off the end price of your tattoo at the end of your appointment. The remaining balance must be paid on site.


If you require a touch up on a tattoo done by one of our artists at the studio, please wait 6-8 weeks for the tattoo to be fully healed and settled. After the required heal time, please contact your artist directly to book a touch up appointment. These appointments can be made even if your artists books are closed, as touch ups are one of our priorities. Our artists charge a $20 touch up fee to cover supply cost. Please follow your artists aftercare instructions to ensure the best heal possible.


In order to provide you with the most authentic tattoo experience, and to stay true to your artists integrity, we reserve the right to refuse any tattoo design that we feel is not compatible with our capability as an artist.


If your artist has their books closed, this means they are not taking on any new clients/projects during this time. Please respect your artists schedule, and wait to send in your ideas once their books are re-open.


Sidney & Brandi currently accept cash, debit or credit.

Shaun currently accepts cash or e-transfer.


You must be 18+ at the time of your tattoo appointment. Even if your parent consents, we still have a strict policy to not tattoo minors. Please respect our terms and conditions. 

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