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About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Blom Tattoo Co.

We are a tattoo studio and store located on the beautiful Vancouver Island! We strongly believe in inclusivity, and are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable space for anyone and everyone to be tattooed in. Our client care is our top priority. We can confidently say you will be comfortable getting tattooed by any one of our artists. 

Speaking of, we are home to three full time artists, as well as host different guest artists from all over the world.

Our resident artists styles range from fine line floral, to american traditional, and a bit of realism. To see examples of our artists' work, check out our “ARTISTS” page, OR for more updated work, head on over to their instagram pages. You can find our artists info on our “CONTACT” page.

Seeing Bloom come to life has been a dream come true. Every person who walks through the door immediately comments on the aesthetic and vibe of the space. We want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed. We always have blues, classic rock, and/or indie music playing through the shop, setting the tone for a chill tattoo experience. 

Now, let’s talk about our store! 

We released our first product when the pandemic hit and we were unable to tattoo, and it has snowballed from there! Every single one of our product designs have been drawn by our artists. We have also very carefully curated our garments/products that our designs get printed on. Quality is extremely important to us, and we will never compromise quality for cost. 

You can find our products online, here, in store at Bloom Tattoo Co, AND in multiple stores across canada! 

Check out our “SHOP” page to see what we have in stock.

Thank you for supporting our business and our art! It means the world to us. 

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